Purple Flowers

I love purple flowers, my favourite flower colour, in no particular order.

Spring/Summer 2016

aquilegia, I have them in different colours self-seeding, this purple one on the right is the best




cornflowers, more blue than purple I guess but they are looking magnificent this year





Socks and nepeta



hardy geranium

hardy geranium

centaurea montana, purple? close enough

centaurea montana

Summer 2014

Still loving purple flowers.

Comfrey, usually with bees buzzing around


I have lots of blooms on this hardy geranium.

hardy geranium

This pansy has performed so well this year.

Buddleja, who cares if it is a weed, with these flowers and that heavenly scent, priceless.



Spring 2011

17 June
I first had this purple toadflax appear last year. I love it and I didn't even need to buy it or plant it. The jasmine behind it has been fantastic this year. The scent is wonderful.

13 June
I only got 1 plant from an entire packet of viper's bugloss seeds. I will try again sometime. At least I have one. Some packets of seeds I don't have any plants from.

8 June I adore these veronica (Royal Candles as I recall). 

I think this is the first year this iris has bloomed. It's taken a couple years to get established.

I noticed these Iris are doing well this year

This salvia suffered last summer during the drought and I was worried that it had died but it's come back well this spring - even during another drought.

Summer 2010

I love purple flowers. The other day I noticed just how many I had in bloom in my garden.

Pontederia which I bought at B+Q. Their pond plants have turned out to be a good buy. See their cat tails under Flowers.

I bought this aster last summer and pleased it survived. I had 2 echinacea not survive.

This purple loosestrife is another of the B+Q pond plants which has performed well.





 Delphinium which I grew from seed last year.

I just love Veronica, this one is Royal Candles

Sea Holly

Viola Prince Henry which was one of the few seeds from Chiltern Seeds that actually grew.

Morning Glory, think Black Knight - not very black


Sweet Rocket


Green Alkanet, I don't care it's considered a weed, it has bequtiful blue flowers the bees liked and it was in bloom before just about anything else in the spring.

another Lavendar