Seeds 2022

Seeds 2022

21-4-2022 I had the impulse to buy more seeds (borage, cerinthe and echium Blue Bedder, amongst others) which I sowed in these pellets.

I grow echium Blue Bedder every year so I don't know why I forgot to get seeds this year but I bought some a couple weeks ago. I have one self-seeded borage so thought, I should have more borage, I usually do so bought more seeds. I often have cerinthe self-seeding but don't see any so got more seeds.

12-5-2022 there's been variable germination and lots of slug damage but I ended up with about 6 of each, cerinthe, borage and echium Blue Bedder


I repotted the larger seedlings into larger pots, I left a few of the very slug-damaged seedlings to see if they would still survive

I also bought some seeds at Sainsburys

I forgot to label the trays or to note the date I planted them - both against my rules. I will try to do better next time.

seedlings as of 21-4-2022 and not sure if Bee or Butterfly, will take a photo of the other tray today

the slugs seriously attacked them and I just left them on the ground as I had nowhere else to put them

Betony (Stachys Officinalis), Chiltern Seeds

Balloon Flower 'Florist'  (Platydodon grandiflorus), Chiltern Seeds

Blue Denim Clary (Salvia horminum), Mr Fothergill'sem

Blue Spires Verbena (Verbena hastata), Chiltern Seeds

Cornflower Blue Ball, Mr Fothergill's

Giant Knapweed (Centaurea macrocephala), Chiltern Seeds

Hollyhocks, seeds sown 19-3-2022

seedlings 21-4-2022

hollyhock seedlings

Little Dorrit Sunflower, Mr Fothergill's, seeds sown 20-3-2022

seedlings 21-4-2022

sunflower seedlings

sunflower seedlings

the sunflower seedlings 12-5-2022 before repotting

sunflower seedlings

sunflowers repotted, sadly lots of slug damage

sunflower seedlings

Morning Glory Heavenly Blue (Ipomoea tricolor), Mr Fothergill's


   Blue Cloud Lesser Calamint (Calamintha nepeta), Chiltern Seeds 

   Catmint / Catnip (Nepeta nervosa), Chiltern Seeds

   Hairless catmint (Nepeta nuda), Chiltern Seeds

   True catmint / catnip (Nepeta cataria), Chiltern Seeds

Pink dandelion / Red-flowered Hawk's-beard (Crepis rubra), Chiltern Seeds


I think these are the collected poppy seed from last year. I should have sown it a lot sooner. These trays are from 21-4-2022.

poppy seedlings

13-5-2022 half the seedlings are in this pot

poppy seedlings

the other half still need to be repotted

poppy seedlings


no poppies survived, will add a photo

   Bread Seed Poppy, Mr Fothergill's, seeds sown 19-3-2022

31-3-2022 some small seedlings have appeared

breadseed poppy seedlings

21-4-2022 more seedlings, larger leaves have fallen in

breadseed poppy seedlings


breadseed poppy seedlings

13-5-2022 repotted

breadseed poppy seedlings

   Hen and Chickens (Papaver somniferum), Chiltern Seeds, seeds sown 19-3-2022

31-3-2022 seedlings have appeared

hen and chickens poppy seedlings


hens and chickens seedlings


I think this is those Hens and Chickens poppy seedlings but things have gotten a little confused

   Lauren's Grape (Papaver somniferum), Chiltern Seeds, seeds sown 19-3-2022

laurens grape poppy seedlings

   Poppy Amazing Grey (Papaver rhoeas), Mr Fothergill's, seeds sown 20-3-2022

31-3-2022 some seedlings


amazing grey  seedlings


Amazing Grey poppy seedlings

13-5-2022 repotted

Amazing Grey poppy seedlings repotted

Tobacco Plant (Nicotiana sylvestris), Chiltern Seeds

unknown seedlings

this has been around for a little while, not sure if it's leftover from last year

I don't know if these are from something I sowed (this year or last year) or something self-seeded, if self-seeded, curious that there are two

and those repotted and another I'm not sure of on the right, below are a red deadnettle and verbena bonariensis