Tiny Seedlings

being updated

I like to identify the tiniest seedlings so I can keep the ones I want and weed out the ones I don't. This page is very much a work-in-progress, started July 2018 when for some reason I noticed a lot of tiny seedlings.  End of June 2022 I noticed a lot of seedlings and those are towards the top of the table. I guess summer is a good time for self-seeders.


poppy, one of the more identifiable seedlings, Feb 2023  
not sure yet, Feb 2023 not sure yet, Feb 2023
end of June 2022, think this is jasmine but it did not survive teasel, June 2022
same seedling as above, beginning of August  
5th caption red campion, August 2022
red campion, August 2022 red campion on the left of the sheepsbit seedlings (close-up to the left)
sheepsbit sheepsbit
evening primrose, August 2022 closer view of that seedling above at the bottom of the pot
green alkanet green alkanet
green alkanet
brooklime, Veronica beccabunga, July 2022 Oxford ragwort, July 2022
globe thistle, August 2022 hairy bittercress, Nov 2022
hairy bittercress
nijer from birdseed, Nov 2022 more nijer seedlings, Nov 2022
nijer birdseed nijer seedlings

unknown, 3-11-2022

shoofly, I think, 2-11-2022, not the clearest photo, will take another
selfheal, 30-10-2022 not sure of this, 2-11-2022
sheepsbit, 30-10-2022 uncertain, 2-11-2022
sheepsbit seedling

first table July 2018

tiny seedling tiny seedling
1. prickly sow thistle (not wall lettuce) 2. smooth sow thistle
tiny seedling tiny seedlings
3. (l to r) forget-me-not, snapdragon, deadnettle 7. (l to r)  nepeta, foxglove (behind), prickly sowthistle
tiny seedling
5. Stachys byzantina (in lupin pot) 4. nasturtium
tiny seedling tiny seedlings
8. foxglove, nasturtium  9. (l to r) petty spurge, knautia or centaurea nigra?, hyssop
tiny seedlings tiny seedlings
11. ox-eye daisy 12. (l to r) deadnettle, willowherb, deadnettle?
tiny seedling tiny ox-eye daisy seedling
6. smooth sow thistle 10. ox-eye daisy
viola tiny seedling
charlock 13. viola (or maybe hairy bittercress)
23. shepherd's purse 16. mostly violas, tiny snapdragon on its own
viola and hyssop seedlings verbena bonariensis
14. hairy bittercress (not viola) on the left, hyssop on the right 18. verbena bonariensis
15. lots of tiny violas, forget-me-nots, prickly sow thistle, a few deadnettle, verbascum far left
herb robert tiny seedling nepeta seedlings
24.herb robert 17. nepeta
20. 19. cerinthe or honesty (I think)
21. willowherb (same as 12) 22. not so clear so another pic below few days later
23. maybe datura? -never developed, died- 22. above after a few days
24. cerinthe or borage? on the right, left not sure 27. pansy
honeysuckle seedling
25. delphinium 26. honeysuckle
tiny seedling tiny seedling
28. aquilegia 29. not sure
the two seedlings below are not as tiny as most of the others
tiny seedling tiny seedling
30. willowherb 31. veronica
wild basil seedling
32. brassica from birdseed 33. wild basil
dead-nettle seedling teasel seedling
34. deadnettle 35. teasel
petty spurge seedling
36. petty spurge (leaf on the right missing) 37. not sure yet
herb robert seedling honesty seedling
38. herb robert? 39. honesty
wood avens seedling
40. wood avens 41. bramble (I think)
green alkanet seedling
42. green alkanet 48. not sure (with hyssop seedling)
45. willow? (in echium pot) 46. horseweed or vebena or buddleja? (in echium pot)
I think the following two are the same, just at a slightly different stage, right has 4 leaves and 1 starting, left has 3 leaves and 1 starting, thinking hairy bittercress? same as 13 and 14?
47. 49.
pendulous sedge
50. pendulous sedge 51. maybe ox-eye daisy?
soft rush creepting buttercup
52. soft rush 53. creeping buttercup
iris foetidissima ragwort seedling
54. iris foetidissima creeping yellowcress ??
teasel seedling verbascum
teasel verbascum
not sure?