more autumn colour in the garden

surprise Morning Glory

After this new fence was installed, a seedling appeared on the bare ground. I've been following it to see what it turned into, initially I thought it might be Honesty but suddenly these flowers appeared today (Oct 20th). I planted Morning Glory seeds here a few years ago (Purple Flowers has a pic of them taken July 2010). Some have obviously been dormant in the soil since then. What a wonderful surprise at the end of October when plants are dying not blooming.

morning glory

cyclamen coum

I bought these large cyclamen coum tubers at the garden centre as I was intrigued and had never grown one before. Since this pic was taken I have planted them properly in pots covered with soil. One from this pot had been carried off by a fox and left at the bottom of the garden. I guess he decided it didn't taste or smell intereresting.

cyclamen bulb

I also don't know what the parsley-like plant is in the centre of the pot above. Will leave it and see what happens with it. The pot also has at the top green alkanet, at the bottom snapdragons, bottom right pansy and around the left nigella.

This has appeared from the large self-seeded pot, below. I'm not sure what it is. I guess it could be rosemary, the leaves look similar but I don't recall the rosemary having bloomed before. Funny this small plant decided to bloom if the much larger plant I have hasn't, it's just visible in the pic above, above the pot.

purple flower