July 2018

the morning glory is producting new flowers every day, exquisite colour

morning glory

new morning glory bud

morning glory bud

this SylvaC pot had various self-seeders a month ago, since then the deadnettle has died as there are cracks in the pot and it dried out, I put the verbena bonariensis in another pot

SylvaC pot with self-seeders

the foxglove was dry enough I could ease it through the crack and I repotted it in this pot, I'll see how it does


in spite of the slug holes in the leaves, the Big Daddy hosta is blooming

big daddy hosta flower

the garden is dry dry dry, I'm watering the pots but I can't water the entire garden

dry garden with ginger cat

The 5 pots of scabiosa Perfection Blue seedlings have been a magnet for self-seeders, I guess because they're getting watered, this pot has a nasturtium, a verbascum, a green alkanet and a violet? I'll look at them carefully today. -update- also snapdragon and viola self-seeding in these pots

scabiosa Perfection Blue

willow? seedling in the pot on the left, deadnettle, foxglove, verbascum, agastache in the next 2 pots in the middle and surprisingly nothing else but the scabiosa seedling in the pot on the right

scabiosa perfection blue seedlings

Victor seeking some shade in the garden, echium Blue Bedder on the right, sea holly on the left

Victor ginger cat garden

I've put 4 of the largest cleomes in that black pot on the left (up on the table to avoid slugs) and put each of the nepeta cataria in a large pot. That one was partly eaten by a cat (visitor Jeffrey) and Polly Pocket also ate a few leaves..

nepeta cataria and cleome spinosa