September 2018

I can't believe the summer is coming to an end already. It seemed like there'd be plenty of time for sowing seeds and growing things but it's almost Autumn.

After it rained, after the drought and heatwave a few weeks ago, some plants came back to life including this delphinium which has a second flower spike. Behind it is the sunflower which has some new small flowers off the main stem.


another delphinium has come back from slug damage and now has buds

delphinium buds

the new batch of borage is blooming and attracting bees, although I only seem to have a few in my garden

bee on borage

some of the sea holly flowers dried up and died but new ones have bloomed

sea holly

snapdragons have self-seeded, above a pink one on the right and below a white and lighter pink and a calendula

snapdragons and calendula

a pink water lily in bloom and 1 bud that's either going to open or is finishing, I can't tell which

water lily

I haven't seen a yellow water lily in bloom this summer so far but I see there's a bud

yellow water lily bud

the morning glory has a good flush of flowers today and the passionflower has intermittent blooms

morning glory