Hedge Mustard and Groundsel

Hedge Mustard

I've been looking at so many rosettes recently, especially hedge mustard and shepherd's purse. The shepherd's purse bloomed first, there are lots in bloom now and no sign of that initial basal rosette. I saw my first hedge mustard in bloom yesterday. It obviously takes a bit longer to develop.

This particular one I saw on St Pancras Way (22-2-2019) which is on my walk to and from the garden centre. It's right on the pavement so obviously pretty tough.

hedge mustard initial rosette

2 weeks later, the central stem has shot up and it has buds

hedge mustard in bud

and a few days later, the buds have opened and it's in flower

hedge mustard in flower

everywhere seems to be being mown but this has survived as it's on the pavement away from overzealous "gardeners"


I saw this in February and wasn't sure what it was. 14-2-2019





looking very groundsel-like now


close-up of the buds


after seeing the buds and how groundsel-like it looks, I decided to look around the area further and found a groundsel in bloom nearby

closer view of those flowers


close-up of the groundsel flowers nearby

groundsel in bloom

close-up of the groundsel buds nearby

groundsel buds