Seed Sowing

Results from seeds are so variable. I find things are either wildly successful or I can get only 1 plant from an entire packet of seeds. This pot and flowerbed reminded me of that today. The polyanthus are one of my more successful seed sowings, sadly not one of my favourite flowers, the seeds were just on sale. Self-seeded in the pot is a globe thistle. I got many plants from the packet of seeds and regular self-seeded plants ever since. I do love them as do the bees so they are a winner. To the right of the pot is my one greater knapweed (not to be confused with the artichoke with the large leaves). I've sown more than one packet of seeds but I don't think I got any plants. I think this lone one is a "wildflower" small plant from the garden centre. It's taken a few years to feel comfortable and I get a few flowers in a couple of flowerings in the summer now, or I did last year anyway. I love centaureas in general, greater knapweed in particular. Also to the right is a cerinthe which I always have self-seeding now. 1 packet of seeds, plants for life. A few are like that.


I sowed echium vulgare seeds a few years ago and got 1 plant which I planted in the front garden. Then nothing for a few years. Last year I got another plant in the back garden, out of nowhere. I suddenly noticed this today which I think is an echium vulgare, in the front garden.

echium vulgare

The small plants around the edge of the pot are self-heal, a wildflower I love (pansy / viola in the middle, another of my favourite flowers). I planted the seeds end of last summer and got a few plants and the slugs had a few. I seem to have a few left. They're rather small so I don't know if they'll bloom this year or not. I haven't grown them before.