Cerinthe and Pots

Cerinthe is one of those plants where you buy 1 packet of seeds and you have plants for life as they are a self-seeder but not invasive. All of these have self-seeded, last autumn and winter so they are ready to bloom early.




some of the plants can get quite large (green alkanet in there as well)


another plant for life from 1 packet of seeds is ox-eye daisy, haven't had flowers yet this year but lots of buds

this trailing bellflower (Campanula poscharskyana) has taken over this pot, I never planted it (in the garden or the pot), it was in the garden when I moved in


This pot started off with a meadow cranesbill I grew from seed but lesser knapweed has taken over and a teasel has decided it made a nice home. Teasel is another thing I grew from seed and I never need another packet of seeds again. They pop up regularly everywhere.

lesser knapweed

bugle (Ajuga reptans) is something I did try to grow from seed without much success initially so when I saw some small plants on sale late last year, I bought a few so I'd have some this spring

ajuga bugle