April 2020

I have a few flowers the early bees are visiting, including cerinthe


honesty, green alkanet, forget-me-nots and muscari

tulip Whittallii Major, I love orange species tulips

tulip whittallii major

a lone Little Princess I have from a previous year

Little Princess tulip

Pansy Beaconsfield flowering on and off

pansy Beaconsfield

a fringecups I bought last year, I am hoping for flowers this year but I guess it's not going to happen as no flowering stem even starting slightly


I found this plant in this pot and had no clue what it was so took a photo and while looking at it carefully, realized it's a rudbeckia Green Wizard I got a few years ago (after failures with seeds because of voracious slugs), I hope it can really get going this year - maybe even flowers!

rudbeckia green wizard

nepeta mussiniii I bought back in February or March when there was so little in the garden centre; I love (as do my cats) nepeta and I have pots of it all over the garden mostly nepeta faassenii but also nepeta cataria

nepeta mussiniii

I have at least 2 sea holly starting to grow. I should have more in the garden but these two from the garden centre last summer (Magical Blue Lagoon) are the only I see. I've bought sea holly before as small "wildflowers", grown them from seed both bought and collected but they just can't seem to survive the slugs who adore them!

sea holly

Papaver dubium? / long-headed poppy

I've not seen it in person before. I hope to see it in bloom but in this position I never know if I'll see that.

papaver dubium

papaver dubium

papaver dubium